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Hair Extensions Do's and Don'ts

Getting hair extensions is an excellent way to change your hairstyle in an instant. However, you'll want to choose wisely and avoid common mistakes to ensure that your hair extensions look and feel natural for as long as possible.

Hair Extension Do's:

  • Do schedule a free consultation. We offer a free consultation to ensure that you understand the options available and have the opportunity to select the right type of hair extensions for your hair type and lifestyle.
  • Do choose an installation type that makes sense for you. While clip-in extensions are fun for quick changes and novelty hair extensions such as feathers, crystals, and streaks of fantasy colors, if you're looking for a long-term solution, you'll want either bonded, adhesive, or weft hair extensions.
  • Do follow all care instructions. In general, natural hair extensions can be washed and styled as normal. However, you may need to brush your hair using a different brush or technique to avoid damaging your extensions or their bonds.
  • Do have your professionally installed hair extensions professionally removed. Bonded and glued hair extensions often require specific removal techniques. Your stylist is trained in the safe, gentle removal and can help you style your hair so you look fabulous after their removal.


Hair Extension Don'ts:

  • Don't brush your hair when it's wet. This can stretch and damage natural hair as well as your hair extensions and their bonds.
  • Don't apply heat directly to the bonds with a curling or flat iron. This can weaken the bond and possibly cause the extension to fall out.
  • Don't expect miracles. You will need hair that's at least two inches long for hair extensions. In order to look natural, you'll also need to be conservative with lengths. For example, a general rule of thumb is that your hair extensions should be no longer than twice the length of your natural hair.
  • Don't dye your hair with hair extensions in place. Your hair and your hair extensions should be matched carefully before they're installed. Once in place, any new dyes could affect your hair and the extensions differently with unpredictable results.


From the moment you call for a free consultation until long after your hair extensions are in place, Jennifer is happy to help you with any questions you may have about caring for your extensions.