Hair Extensions Honolulu -Glossary

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Hair Extension Glossary

Bond – Hair extensions are often attached to the hair with a keratin polymer that is either melted or fused for a lasting bond.

Cold Fusion – A technique that uses ultrasound rather than heat to bound the hair extensions.

Color Ring – A color ring is a ring with samples of colored hair extensions, allowing for a perfect match.

Layer – Hair extensions are often applied in layers which can reduce weight, add movement, and create a natural look.

Lowlights – The opposite of highlights. While highlights add lighter shades, lowlights add darker shades.

Remi (or Remy) hair – Remi hair is human hair that has all of its cuticles intact and running in the same direction from root to end. The cuticles prevent tangles and matting and protect hair from damage. It can be styled just like your own hair.

Shedding – Most people shed about 100 hairs per day. This is a natural process. Hair extensions can also shed, in which case they are released from their bonds. Some shedding of hair extensions is normal.

Skin weft – A type of hair extension which is sewn to a skin-like material which is applied to the hair with adhesive.

Strand – Hair extensions often come in strands which contain about 50 individual hairs.

Texture – Hair extensions come in several textures such as fine, medium, or coarse. Texture can also refer to the hair's straightness, wave, or curl.

Virgin hair – Hair that is in its original state and has not been chemically treated with dyes, straighteners, or perms.

Weaving – A technique used to "sew" or "weave" hair extensions into place.

Weft – A weft is a wide swatch of hair that's been stitched onto a fine base.